A Week Into December.

I told myself I’d update this blog at least once a week when the new site went up, so this is me trying my very best to keep that promise.

I have a major writing hangover after NaNoWriMo. It was my first year doing it, and if I’m being honest, it’s probably my last one too. I put a lot of pressure on myself every month as it is to meet unrealistic deadlines and word count goals, but officially signing up to something that I could “fail” at was just too much. I don’t like letting anyone down—even an online tracker—and if you attach a badge system to anything I become borderline obsessive. My husband has also been out of the country for almost two months, so I’ve had the toddler and baby to look after as well. Oh, and final edits for STARFISH were just turned in (ahhhhh!!).

Basically what I’m saying is that last month was exhausting, and I will probably get very little writing done for the remainder of December. (Although, I am super anxious to start editing SUMMER BIRD BLUE which has been patiently waiting on me since October so…we’ll see how long I last with Pokémon Sun sitting right next to me.)

Speaking of Pokémon Sun, who has it and what starters did you all pick?? I normally always choose fire starters, but I really hated Litten’s third form. I picked Rowlet originally on Pokémon Moon, but after a few hours of playing I found out my beloved Vulpix was exclusive to Sun, so I had a little cry, bought the other version, and started over with Popplio.

So, the short version of that is I have a Popplio. I over-explain things a lot. I’m sorry.

Anyway, I have a beautiful Alolan Ninetails named Xyla who is basically to me what Pikachu is to Ash, so the whole starter thing isn’t a big deal anyway. Do any of you have a Pokémon that has to be in your lineup?

Also, what’s everyone reading this month? I’m about to start HEARTLESS and I can’t wait!

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