A superior holiday drink.

Everyone raves about pumpkin spice lattes. For some reason, I get tricked into thinking I love them every year, and every year I try one and remember they taste like bug spray and moth balls. They literally taste like you’re drinking a can of Raid. I honestly don’t know how anyone can defend such a disgusting drink.

But black forest hot chocolates? They are the superior holiday drink by a long shot. Seriously, if you have not had one, you need to remedy this immediately. I suggest Costa, because they put an actual cherry on top of the whipped cream which makes me feel like I’m a kid going for a sundae at the local Dairy Queen. Which rarely happened, but that’s probably why it feels nostalgic. It was special. Side note, do people order sundaes anymore? Or have we permanently advanced to frozen yogurt and elaborate smoothies? I’m genuinely curious. Because when I was a kid, you had three choices: strawberry sundae, chocolate sundae, or caramel sundae. That was it. And I don’t mean to sound ancient, but there was something special about only having three options.

Anyway, pumpkin spice is garbage. If you want the holiday spirit in a festive to-go cup this year, go black forest hot chocolate. You won’t regret it.

Quick writing update: I was unable to edit until I cleared the disaster that was my office. It’s almost done (I can see the keyboard, so we’re going in the right direction). I currently have SUMMER BIRD BLUE open and intend to edit at least two chapters before bedtime.

Also, I finished Westworld. *MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD* SOMEBODY TALK TO ME ABOUT SOUTHWORLD. I saw Samurais. This show just got a trillion times more interesting than it already was. Has anyone leaked the season 2 cast yet? I need to fangirl immediately because SAMURAI ANDROIDS ARE COMING.

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